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Best Ways to Earn Money from Youtube

You might have heard lot of people that they are earning decent money from Youtube videos. Hence you have got keen interest to know what exactly they are doing to earn cash from Youtube and how you can make money from youtube too.

How to earn money from youtube

How to earn money from youtube

How to make money from Youtube: Top Ways

1. Google Adsense

Advertisement is the most popular and effective way to earn money from Youtube videos. By enabling Youtube channel for monetisation, you can earn money from Google Adsense. All you need is to have good number of subscribers to get new adsense account.

After signing up successfully with Adsense, you need to enable your Youtube channel to make money from it. The ads can be displayed over the videos, in the sidebar of videos and even in the videos (skip video ads ). Google calculates your last month’s final earnings on the 15th of next month and display it in your adsense account.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The another way to earn money from Youtube is to do affiliate marketing. If you have the art of creating videos that can sell a product, you can earn decent income by doing affiliate marketing means selling products of other companies and earn commission.

All you need is to create a video with the detailed information about product and if you can display people reviews about the product in video, you can sell the product at high scale. You need to insert your product affiliate link in the video’s description and tell people that if they want to purchase the product, they can go through link to buy it easily.

3. Paid Videos

Instead of creating videos, you can create paid videos. For example you are working on health niche channel and provide health related information. Then you can charge money from hospitals or medicine manufacturing companies to display or speak their name in the video.

Paid videos are also known as sponsored videos.

4. Products/Services Selling

Products and services can be sold through Youtube. All you need is to provide complete information about your product or service in the video and then upload on Youtube channel.

5. Donation

Do you know how wikipedia makes money? Well Wikipedia is one of the biggest websites on the internet and it’s a non profit organization. You will not find any sort of advertisement on Wikipedia but still there is lot of information and data available on the site which is updates in friction of seconds.

There is a large team work behind wikipedia but do you know how that team is paid up?

Well wikipedia like portals ask people to donate some money to maintain their website as they are providing information for free. Similarly you can ask people to donate money for your channel to keep your channel for free and updated.


Youtube partner program is the best way to earn money from Youtube channel. What do you think about making money from youtube? Share your thoughts in comment section.

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