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Top 20 Colleges that are worth Money

College is one of the most important parts of our life where one’s life is created and given shape. Going college is an investment of both time and money. Obviously both money and time are huge investments in prospects of one’s life. Choosing right college with perfect stream, one can make bright future by doing hard work during four years.

Colleges that are worth money value

Colleges that are worth money value

Hence choosing college is really a tough decision for students who have just completed schooling. To make students job easy, PayScale has prepared an analytical data report that contains best value colleges with solid return on investment.

The collected data provides the best monetary return for their alumni via low cost of attendance, high earning potential or a combination of the two.

The PayScale organization completed a researched analysis and done survey to collect data from payscale employees who took part successfully in the survey. To calculate Return on Investment (ROI), Payscale collected investment data on top colleges and universities of 2016 year. This investment data includes ON and OFF campus graduates.

Along with investment, it is also determined that how much money a graduate can expect after completion of graduation. The total “20-year ROI” and “Total Cost” is calculated from the students living in campus. However the data can be varied for students living outside campus of maybe living with family in the same city.

Let’s have a look at the top 20 colleges list who provide better ROI with money expenditure during college graduation.

Best 20 Colleges that are worth Value Money

Rank College 20 Year Net ROI Total 4 Year Cost Average Loan
20. Carnegie Mellon University $678,000 $251,000 $31,500
19. Maine Maritime Academy $680,000 $145,000 $43,200
18. Harvard University $700,000 $244,000 $20,300
17. Massachusetts Maritime Academy $712,000 $244,000 $32,000
16. Babson College $726,000 $246,000 $30,000
15. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology $738,000 $232,000 $45,500
14. Kettering University $743,000 $208,000 $41,700
13. Georgia Institute of Technology $746,000 $174,000 $31,700
12. Worcester Polytechnic Institute $752,000 $235,000 $43,100
11. Stanford University $761,000 $247,000 $29,100
10. Princeton University $764,000 $231,000 $14,100
9. California State University, Maritime $781,000 $133,000 $30,600
8. Stevens Institute of Technology $800,000 $244,000 $45,800
7. Colorado School of Mines $818,000 $188,000 $33,400
6. Webb Institute $854,000 $209,000 $25,200
5. SUNY, Maritime College $857,000 $130,000 $32,000
4. California Institute of Technology $864,000 $240,000 $19,000
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology $959,000 $240,000 $32,200
2. Harvey Mudd College $962,000 $260,000 $24,400
1. United States Merchant Marine Academy $1,056,000 $33,100 $12,300

New York’s United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) tops the list with excellent ROI of $1,056,000 on $33,100 total cost of investment during graduation. Harvey Mudd College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology get 2nd and 3rd places respectively in a survey from Payscale for best value college ROI.

Interestingly Stanford University stands at 11th place meanwhile Harvard University secures 18th position.

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