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20 Genuine How to Make Money Online ways

Who doesn’t like to earn money?

Well nobody will say that he doesn’t want to earn. There are several ways to make money through internet and in this digital era if you make money online, you get more respect. Not only money but fame as well.

This is my first post of this new blog and yeah it’s just for people. Trying to solve thousands of doubts that people have who are looking for opportunities to make money online.

How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online

Note: Before writing about online money making ways, I want to make one thing clear that these ways are legitimate. Some of these ways will give you quick money meanwhile some are long term. So have patience.

25 Best Online Money Making Ways

1. Build a Blog (Blogging)

For me blogging is the best way to earn money on internet. The fact is blogging gives you an opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime. Building a blog is easy and it is not much that difficult as it was in older days.

Build a blog with either wordpress or blogger. Or maybe you can have customized platform to work with. But I’ll recommend you to go with wordpress as it gives your website a decent and professional look.

After building a blog, you can earn money from it by placing advertisements, writing paid posts, products reviews, selling products, affiliate marketing and many more ways.

2. Sell Audiobooks on Audible

People love the visuals and audios rather than reading text.

If I ask you to read 3000 words, you may ignore it but if I ask you to listen an audio of 10 minutes that can change your life and guide you to become millionaire, you’ll definitely listen or maybe if it’s video available you’ll watch it for sure. Hence this is the same case with audiobooks.

This is one of the new ways to earn money through internet. Audible is Amazon’s product and it helps people to share content in audio form. You can record your audio content at your own or you can hire a professional for doing the same.

If you have written an ebook already, then you have a good option to turn it into an audiobook i.e. ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange). ACX is a platform where you can have audiobook of your digital-book and then spread it all over the world through Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iTune.

3. Selling Services on 99designs or upwork

Upwork and 99designs are the platforms for professional people who can provide some exceptional services. 99designs is the core platform for photoshop and graphic design professionals. From 99designs, one can provide services of logo & website design, packaging design, book cover design, t-shirt design, business card designs and more.

On the other side, upwork is a freelancing platform by using which you can make decent money online. If you are professional in one of these stuffs like developer, writer, marketing consultant, app developer, SEO expert, marketing professional, web designer or data entry specialist, you can earn good money from upwork.

4. Using Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a platform for people who are in crunch for quick cash. The platform provides micro-job option for workers. However it helps businesses and developers to get their work/task complete which is known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

As a Mechanical Turk worker, you are free to choose work according to your strengths and also you are free to choose working hours. As you complete one task, you simply get paid. However Mechanical Turk doesn’t provide huge money but still a good option for earning quick money.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the coolest and decent platforms for online money seekers. If you can offer some good and better services regarding digital marketing, SEO, web design, development, logo, image/photo editor or creator, you can earn some good income every month through Fiverr.

There are several services or products you can offer through your gig whose least cost you can put is 5$. Fiverr has made lot of people succeed and you can also one of them too. Even if you have good voice, you can offer voice services to the people looking for video or podcasts.

6. Create an App

Create a wow application and money will flow to your way. Yes, if you are good in development and technical aspect, you can create an app that worth for people or any organization. If you are not good at development field or you are not much technically sound, then you must have good money/budget so that you can hire to develop the application.

However still you should have good idea for your project app. Application development needs lot of time as well as money. Hence before investing, do proper market research.

7. Sell EBook

If you have got the passion of writing about something, then writing an ebook can give you a good platform to earn decent money online. The more quality you provide in your ebook, you can make the most out of it.

You can opt any of the topic you love to write. Still technology is one of the hot topics people love to read and there are hundreds of books that teach people about technical topics.

One can sell his/her ebooks through Apple’s iTunes Connect or Amazon’s Kindle Program. However it’s not an easy task to write an ebook. The fact is you need a lot of time to research about your topic and then find how many books are containing that topic and what content they are having. Obviously you have to come with better content then the existing ones.

Not only writing, but you have to spend time to market the book and promote it. You must look for genuine readers.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the key of success in online world. This is one of the best parts of Internet Marketing which helps you to generate more leads and sales if it is done properly and in the right direction. If you are running an e-commerce portal, service or product selling website or maybe having a blog, you still need an email marketing tool or service to generate more leads for your business.

For a successful business online, you must know the email ids of right customers who are tend to buy your product. If you are having a website then you can have emails of regular readers and viewers by putting a subscriber option on your site. As they subscribe, your job is done as you get their mail on which you can write emails to sell your product/service.

Eventually there are several companies who provide email data. So you can buy them and start exploring email marketing. Aweber and Mail Chimp are some of the popular email marketing tools that help to make money from email marketing.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to earn online. There are several people around the globe who are in confusion that they are not having a product to sell online. Well Affiliate marketing is for them.

Such kind of marketing is for the people who have got art to sell. Affiliate Marketing is nothing but promoting and sell other company’s product online and you get certain commission on per sale or lead. It is simple procedure as all you need to find and select the product and then do efforts to sell it.

You can make some decent bucks by doing affiliate marketing as some companies give one hundred dollar per sell meanwhile other gives commission of 1$. All depends on the product you choose and the deal between you and company regarding commission.

10. Flip Domain/Website/blog

Flipping a domain or a website or a blog, is another method of earning online. Domain selling is just one of the fantastic ways of making money. The best part is all you need to think broad and choose a perfect domain and then sell it.

Can you imagine a domain you register last night and in the morning it has become millionaire domain? Well even in imagination, we get loads of pleasure and feeling of making money from domain flipping.

Do you know domain (insurance.com) was the highest ever sold domain on internet and was sold at $35.6 million in 2010.

Just think how much money one can make from domain selling. All you need is to have good domain in your account. Same kind of business can be done while flipping websites or blogs.

11. Youtube

Google’s product “Youtube” is one of the best and genuine ways to earn money from internet. Youtube’s procedure is quite simple but yeah it’s not the easy one.

You might have seen lots of people saying that they are earning decent income from youtube. When you ask them, what they do, they say, “We just create videos and upload them. Hence by doing this we make money from youtube.”

Well they are saying correct but there are some crucial things that one should look for. There are certain standard YouTube guidelines that one has to follow to make money from videos. Eventually Youtube suspends several channels which spam, thief videos or use unlicensed material like music.

At times, YouTube suspends channel without any policy or guideline violation mail or message. Once this happened to me as I was uploading videos by creating slides and then converting those slides into videos. After that I record my voice and then merge audio and video with third party software.

One night, I uploaded a video and then when I woke up in the morning and checkout my channel, I lost it and the only message I was getting in youtube account that you channel has been suspended. To my surprise, I never received any kind of copyright strike. I appealed to youtube regarding the same but nothing happened.

Till date I haven’t received any mail from Youtube. I had more than 5000 subscribers. My all hard work went into vain. So guys, be careful while making money from Youtube.

12. Paid Writing opportunities

If you are good at writing and can write some good content with free grammatical errors, you can earn huge and quick money. There are hundreds of websites, companies, organizations and online brands that look for content writers. Eventually many individuals also look to hire writers for their websites and blogs.

The minimum cost of a basic 500 words article is 5$. However the pay per article and words depend on individuals. If you are experienced or expert at something, you can make some healthy amount by grabbing paid writing opportunities. One can go to websites like upwork, elance, iwriter or many other platforms to get paid writing work.

13. Auction items on ebay

Ebay is around the corner to make some decent bucks online if you can provide people what they are looking for. The platform provides you an opportunity to auction item and goods. All you need is to research well about the product you are planing to list.

14. Rent your home on AirBnB

This is an interesting way to make quick money. AirBnB is a platform where you can list your home, apartment or even one room for rent to travelers. Yes, you can earn fast money with this method as there are hundreds of travellers who visit new-new places and look for decent place to spend one or two days or maybe more.

You can list either full home, private or shared bedroom for rental services on AirBnB. On an average you can make 400-500$ in a month from AirBnB. However the pricing and earning depends on your locality, place, home/room condition, services and how you treat guests.

15. Sell Photos Online

If you are a photo geek and professional at capturing pictures, you can earn some decent income online. However the task is easy as like you just need to click good images that are worth as a resource on two biggest online photo stores Shutterstock or iStockPhoto.

There are thousands of people who are working hard to sell pictures on internet. Hence you need to be more creative and broad thinker to capture pictures and sell them as stock photography.

16. Build online store with Shopify

Having an online store is not easy as it needs significant amount to invest for setting up an online shop. If you are planing to sell products online, you look to have an e-commerce portal. And as you ask a company or person to develop e-commerce web portal, he simply ask you at least 1000$ to make a basic e-commerce site.

At the initial level, you might don’t have good budget. Hence Shopify is there for you. You can build your online store through shopify and start selling goods from it. Company takes some fee for the good you are selling so that they can manage your portal comfortably. Transaction website can be made in few minutes/hours with Shopify to sell products.

17. Educational courses on Udemy

Udemy is one of the most exciting website to make money online. It’s a platform where you can teach people by offering them your courses. This is a legitimate way to earn income as all you need to prepare a course and let people know about it so that they can buy it.

There are hundreds of people who are selling educational courses on Udemy. You can find healthy competition on Udemy while selling any sort of educational course.

18. Become virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is another way to earn online. However becoming virtual assistant, you won’t make much money or not able to generate passive income, but you can make some bucks to pay bills. To be a virtual assistant, one should have basic programming skills to manage the work.

If you know how to deal with word, excel or PowerPoint, you can be a virtual assistant of an organization or of a person to manage their work.

19. Sell old stuff online

Nowadays there are several options online to sell old stuff and make money. You can sell unwanted material, stuff through OLX or Quikr. All you need is to list your item on these websites and disclose the price that you can think buyer would love to pay you.

20. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social medias are not only for fun as these platforms can help you to make monthly income. If you have got good social media presence and following, you can earn quick money. All you need is to have an active Facebook page or decent number of followers on Twitter or Instagram to make money.

Numerous brands can contact you to for advertising purpose through your profile. The best example I can give you is few days back former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag said that he earned 30 Lakhs INR via tweets in a period of six months. This happened because he is a funny guy and his tweets get lots of interaction from his fan following.


Earning money is never been easy whether it’s online or offline. Hence you need time, patience and money at times to make money. Hence have patience and keep working, you will make money for sure by following any of the above mentioned legitimate methods.

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