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How to Make Money from Google Adsense

Making money online still a dream for millions. There are people who still don’t know that they can earn money from Google. Well if you are one of them or even want to know how biggest website on planet Google gives money earning opportunity, then you are at the right place. 

This post is dedicated for the webmasters, bloggers and people who want to make money from Google Adsense. Before heading towards money making, let’s get started with basics first.

What is Google Adsense?

Google runs an advertising program online i.e. Adsense which also popular as Google Adsense. The program helps people to earn money online from website, mobile content and videos on Youtube. Actually Google works as mediator between advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers use Google Adwords to bid for keywords and pay Google to post their ads on search engine and other relevant sites. Meanwhile Adsense is for publishers who display Google Advertisements on their websites and earn money from those ads.

Google keeps a fair share in these activities. For example if Google charges 100$ for an advertisement, the company shares 68% revenue means 68$ with publisher. Rest 32 dollar is the Google’s income from that 100 dollar ad.

How to Earn Money from Google Adsense.

How to Earn Money from Google Adsense

How much money can be made with Adsense?

When I started my blogging career in 2012, I never imagined how much money I could make from Google until I earned it. Those were the beginning days and I was afraid of other newbies like whether my Google Adsense account would be approved or not.

But yeah, as time progresses, I got to know how to get approved Adsense account. After getting approval, biggest question for me was how to earn. Well I never thought of how much money I would earn but as I started working on new projects and growing them online, I found one can make living from Google Adsense.

One can make 10$, 50$, 100$ and maybe 1000$ on daily basis from Google advertisement program. Hence Google Adsense can be a good source of income. Let’s have a look at the ways to make money online from Google Adsense.

Ways to Earn Money from Google

1. Earn Money from Website

This is one of the most popular ways to earn money from Google Ads. To make earnings from website with Google Adsense, you must have good traffic on the site. There are various factors like website niche, ads placement, advertiser’s bid and more on which earning depends.

There are several websites and blogs which are earning decent money from Google advertisements. As per my experience, one can make 500$ a day from Adsense program if one is able to get good number of visitors from Google. For one of my single blogs, I’ve seen 350$ earning on a single day from Google Ads with a traffic of 500-600 real time for just 7-8 hours.

2. Make Money from videos on Youtube

There is a miss consumption in the online world that it is easy to earn money from Youtube. People think all you need is to create a Youtube channel and then upload videos on it and start earning by enabling monetization on videos.

However this is true but at some extend. It is not easy to earn money from youtube as there are lots of things you need to do if you are not a professional video creator. There are several efforts required to create a video and then upload it. Eventually it’s time consuming too.

I also tried to create videos and upload them on one of my website’s Youtube channel. I worked on that channel for around 1-2 months and got some terrific results. One of my videos got more than 5 lakh views and channel had 5,000 plus subscribers. But one day when I got up early in the morning and opened youtube, I found that my channel was suspended.

I didn’t got any sort of email from Youtube team why my channel was suspended. All hard work went into vain. Same case happened with another channel of mine. After that I stopped for while to work on youtube. But one thing I can make you sure that if you have potential to give people something useful through videos, you should work on youtube.

One of my videos that had 5 lakhs views, it made around 100$ for me. However I didn’t receive that amount as my channel was suspended. But one can earn decent income from Youtube Adsense.

3. Earn Money by playing Games Online

If you are a games geek and love to develop and design games, you can make a living from Adsense. The fact is Google provides an opportunity to game developers and designers that they can earn money through Google Adsense if they have the game, people love to play on regular basis.

As per a research, 20-25 percent daily internet users play games online. Hence there is a big market in the gaming industry and if you can develop a game that people will definitely love to play, you can earn big from Google’s Adsense program for Games (AFG).

There are some websites that help you to develop the games. Websites like Gamasutra.com, Gamedev.net, Spolder.com, Mygame.com and Addictinggames.com provide environment to developers to develop games and then make money from it.

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Many people have become millionaire from this Google Adsense program. You can also make a living from it if you can follow program policies carefully and provide good content to the users.

What do you think about Google’s Adsense program? Share your thoughts in comment section.

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