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How to Earn Money from Website

Can a website give decent income?

Is it easy to create a website and then make money from it?

Can a website generate money for living?

Answer of all above questions is yes.. 🙂

A website can make you millionaire if you know the art of earning money from it. Having a website online is a must these days for a business to grow more globally. Business website definitely gives more leads and sales. However if you are not having a business, still you can earn money from a website.

How To Make Money from Website

How To Make Money from Website

Before getting started with how to make money from website, first we learn how to create a site as one can’t earn money without having a shop.. 😀

How to create a website

If you are technically sound and familiar with PHP, .NET or other website developing and designing tools, you can develop it easily. But if you are not known to these, then you should hire a developer and designer to have an e-commerce or even a basic portal.

But if you can spend a little time, then you can start a blog easily. Blogger and WordPress are the two platforms which are user friendly and creating website with these is quite easy. However I’d recommend you to go with wordpress as it has got beautiful themes and give lovely look to the site.

Just register a domain name and host it to the server. After that you can go host the website with wordpress platform and have a professional look blog.

If you have any doubt regarding this also, you can ask in the comment section. Let’s proceed to the money earning ways from website.

Ways to make money from website

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money from website. Adsense is the best example of Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising. There are thousands of bloggers and professionals who earn 100$ on daily basis from Google Ads with their websites.

Google works as a mediator between advertiser and publisher to fulfill the requirements of both parties. Advertisers can advertise their business through google on relevant publishers.

2. Sponsored Posts

This is one of the best but lazy ways to earn money from website. Lazy is because it takes time to get sponsored post for your blog. Sponsored post means you take money from people to write an article about any certain topic that client wants to feature on your site.

Usually people do sponsor post for getting their product, service featured or maybe branding purpose. The most common reason for client’s to do sponsored post is to get backlink to their website.

3. Paid Reviews

Paid reviews are something bloggers and webmasters love to have to make quick money from website. There are several digital companies and agencies which work for various organizations and products brands. These digital agencies search for similar kind of webmasters who can write product reviews.

For writing review about a certain product, you get paid. The amount of paid review depends on product and mutual deal between you and company. This is quite interesting as there are several bloggers who don’t use the product but still write about it and get paid from the company.

Paid review is not only about products, you can get offers to review about an app or maybe a service. Paid reviews give quick money but be careful as if someone purchases a product because of your good review, and the product doesn’t meet to your statements or harms the buyer, he may see you in the court. So be careful while doing reviews.

4. Direct Advertising/Sell ad Space on Website

Selling ad space on your website can give you short but good income. It is as similar as posting an Advertisement in the newspaper. The newspaper organization charges decent money for one day advertisement from the client. In similar way you can get people to advertise on your site and buy a space.

You can offer them price on weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Time duration and price depends on the number of audience you are having.

5. Offer Premium Content

If you can provide some exceptional content that other websites can’t, then you can make some serious money by charging for that content. You can charge anything like 1$ or 5$ or maybe more to access the premium content on your site.

There are several examples of websites which offer paid content to users. For Example if you want to watch live streaming of a cricket, football or other sports match online, you need to pay some subscription amount to the relevant broadcaster.

6. Sell Products

Product selling is one of the core businesses whether it’s offline or online. There are thousands of websites which sell products online and they’re having terrific business. Amazon is one of the best examples of e-commerce websites that sell thousands of products through internet.

You can also start your e-commerce portal and sell products through it. However ecommerce site setup needs a budget and need decent budget to be in the market. Meanwhile if you don’t have much budget, you can opt to a small basic website where you show your product and ask readers/viewers to purchase it.

7. Sell Other’s Products & Earn Commission

If you are not having any product to sell through your website, then don’t get disappoint as there are several companies online which give commission to you if you help them selling their products or services. This is simple mechanism and can give you millions of dollars in a month.

Suppose if you have good knowledge about a product say you know about interior decoration and home designing, you can promote the related products through your website and earn commission. For a product of 1000$, company can pay you 100$ commission. Isn’t it great?

8. Offer Services

Offering or selling services can make you millionaire in few days if you are online. Yes, if you have got a brilliant site for your services, you can earn big bucks. Any kind of services you can offer to a targeted audience which loves your services.

To get more targeted audience on your service website, you should work on blog section of your site. Blog will help you to get more royal readers to your site and can avail services you are offering. You can offer any kind of service like painting home, washing machine or electrical repairing, car repairing, food services or maybe anything you can choose that you think people will love to have.

9. Sell Website

There are numerous bloggers and webmasters who love to build a small niche website, rank it and then sell it for some decent money deal. Selling a website can also give a fair amount for all your hard work for it. For an example if you can develop and design a website that is worth for people in any manner and your site is getting huge visitors, you can sell it for a handsome price money.

There are several websites and online platforms that help you to sell your website. Flippa is one of the most popular platform where you can list your website to sell.


All above mentioned ways are the top and tried methods to earn money from website. It is quite easy to create a website or blog but not easy to keep sustainable traffic and visitors as time progresses. Hence you must have patience and time to make money from a website.

What is your favorite way to earn money from a website? Share your thoughts in comment section.

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