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How Much Dhinchak Pooja Earns from YouTube

If you are living in India and still you don’t know who is Dhinchak Pooja, then my dear friend it’s time for you to leave the planet. Seriously guys, I am talking right.

Dhinchak Pooja is the latest buzz on internet and a trend on social networking websites. She has gone VIRAL by creating some sensational videos that can really fall you in love with her.. 😉

Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja

Pooja has really made some top class video songs like Swag Wali Topi, Daaru and Selfie leli mene aaj. These videos have really gone viral and you know these videos have got millions of views on YouTube.

Well she is not only going viral but making some decent money through Youtube.

When I came across her channel, I found that she is displaying ads on all videos which are having big number of viewership. YouTube advertising program helps Youtubers to earn money from videos, hence Dhinchak Pooja is also making cash.

But millionaire question is How much Dhinchak Pooja earns?

Latest video on her channel is “Selfie Mene Leli Aaj”. This video got tremendous viewership of 1.3M views (As of 8 June 2017 at 21:00 IST) in just three weeks after uploading it.

As a YouTuber and digital marketer, I love to do analysis on such things. I have done some calculation part with actual facts that I am mentioning in the post. Let’s find out how much money Dhinchak Pooja is making through Youtube channel.

Dhinchak Pooja Earnings

Dhinchak Pooja Earning

YouTube calculates earning as per 1000 views per video on daily basis. Generally YouTube pays 1$ to 1.5$ per thousand views. However this figure (1-1.5$/1000 views) becomes low when it comes to Indian channel.

On an average, I am making calculations by taking 1$ as revenue for 1000 views.

To calculate earnings for any YouTube video, you need to do small mathematical calculation. Just apply one formula; divide viewership (views) number by 1000 and multiply it with 1$ or 1.5$.

[YouTube Earnings = Views/1000*1$]

You’ll get earnings in dollars by following above formula.

So to calculate Dhinchak Pooja’s earnings, let’s take “Selfie Mene Leli Aaj” video example. As I mentioned earlier, the video has got 1.3 million views. For convenience I am taking 1 million views. By applying above formula:

1000000/1000*1$ = 1000$

So her video “Selfie mene leli aaj” made 1300$s which is nearly (80,000 INR) in just 3 weeks. And making 80,000 rupees in 3 weeks is not a bad thing in Indian society. Remember this the income of just one video from Dhinchak Pooja.

What if her one video gets 10M views?

She will earn 10,000$ i.e. 6 Lakhs INR.

And that is quite decent income.

So Dhinchak Pooja earns good money via YouTube by creating some splendid videos. As per MoneyLush’s analysis, Dhinchak Pooja makes 5000$ per month from Youtube.

Click here to view Dhinchak Pooja’s Youtube channel

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